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When I started my professionel work in the medical world in 1970, I just had obtained my diploma for medical nurse. I worked in different hospitals but the strong disinfection products we used in the clinic disagreed with my skin and I had to give up this profession. In the following years I studied complemantary medicine. I got my diploma as a Heilpraktikerin (Naturopath) , Therapist for Lymphatic Drainage, European Diploma of holistic, bioenergetic Medicine and the Diploma for Nutritional Microscopy. (Live-Blood-Analysis Dr. Robert O. Young)

After years of practice in the field, I am convinced that all «diseases» have one common root: the over-acidification of our body. As bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeast and fungus can only live and thrive in an acidic terrain. Therefore, I work with the Live Blood Analysis, in order to determine and display to you visually your stage of acidity in the body, along with Bicom Bioresonance. Both methods complementing each other ideally, independently of your being either acutely or chronically ill, as that is of no significance for this diagnostic and therapy.

My goal is for you to soon be able to say: «I reclaimed my Health».

Both, Bicom Bioresonance and Dr. Young's Live Blood Analysis gave me the feeling to have left behind the treating and fighting of symptomes and allowed me to start healing my clients different health challenges. I have already been working now with Bicom Bioresonance in my practice since 1986 and with Dr.Young's Methods since 1999.

For 30 years I lived and worked at the lake of Geneva in Switzerland. Now I moved back to Germany.

I speak German, French and English.

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